Mini RC Helicopters Remote Control Helicopter Toys Gyro Stabilizer Micro Drones Induction Aircraft Outdoor/Indoor…

★ Turn on the aircraft switch and it will automatically start after 3 seconds. Use the palm of your hand or other objects to hover under the aircraft. If you t to stop the aircraft from flying, wait for it to land slowly, just grab it from the side and turn off the power.
★ Soft blades: The soft blades ensure flight safety. When the propeller is stuck, it will automatically stop rotating and flying to protect people from further damage, suitable for children and beginners. Please turn off the helicopter and controller, then power on again, re-match the frequency and start flying.
★ Only applicable to indoor flight: the best flight distance is about 10 meters, and the flight time is 5-8 minutes. Children must be indoors to get the best flight experience. Preis: 103.26 ( 03/02/2023 19:34 PST- Details)

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